Mamasure Baby Wipes

Lets your baby enjoy their life without you worrying about germs

Introducing  MamaSure Baby Sanitizing Wipes, the world’s first alcohol-free wipes specially formulated for babies. These wipes contain de-ionized water and chloranol that provides sanitizing plus cleaning action.

Our wipes are ideal for use on baby’s skin as they are safe and alcohol-free and prevent nappy rashes. MamaSure Baby Sanitizing Wipes can also be used to sanitize baby gears ( toys, stroller), utensils, fruits and vegetables, breast pumps, and other kinds of accessories.

MamaSure Sanitizing wipes are ideal to use whenever you don’t have access to clean water. Use these wipes on your baby’s skin and disinfect toys and food as they kill 99.99% of germs, including the coronavirus. So keep your baby safe and strong without worrying about infections.