Breathe Fresh Stay Safe With Acme Ozofresh

OzoFresh is one of the latest air purifiers online today that offer the best air purification to your home. It provides a breathable environment for you and your loved ones, and it also removes all kinds of odour from the environment, leaving a fresh, heightened feel.

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Breathe Fresh Stay Safe With Acme Ozofresh

  • Product : Plugin
  • Discription: Acme OZOFRESH PLUGIN removes everyday odor and harmful gases that can cause diseases causing germ. With the plugin model, you can use it anywhere at the home, offices, restaurants, etc.
    With no chemicals, no oils, and perfume, it emits clean air that destroys odor and disease-causing viruses and bacteria. It is an environmentally friendly product that is perfectly safe for children and pets.
    The run time is around four minutes, with the cover-up to 30m3, it radiates ozone up to 50mg/hr. Acme Ozofresh plugin is small and lightweight, and safe for the environment.
  • Country of origin: India
ACME OZOFRESH- Air purifier

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Although the Ozofresh PlugIn may bear a passing resemblance to a traditional chemical air device they have little in common. A standard freshener works by producing a chemical 'soup' often containing an array of artificial perfumes and other components such as formaldehyde and petroleum distillates which artificially cover up an odour for a short while. The Ozofresh PlugIn uses its clever internal electronics to 'activate' small amounts of the oxygen around it. The activated O3 then grabs and destroys odours.
Yes. Depending on how much you use it the device will last a year and commonly well beyond that. An oil based distributor will typically run out in between 2 - 4 weeks. So including the annual spend on refills (based on a quick look on a major supermarket site) say, for example, a persistent dog or cat odour, would cost around ₹2,200 for the initial device and then around ₹900 a month for refills. That is a total of ₹37,200 approx for a year just to cover up the smell. Assuming your Ozofresh PlugIn only lasts 1 year warranty period you will still save money.
No, well, not in the way most people think of the overpowering smells of air fresheners. The process of activating the oxygen does result in a short lived fresh smell. Many people compare the slight residual clean smell the PlugIn creates to the atmosphere after a storm or high altitude, clean, air. If this becomes too strong, that is a sign the device has done its work and can be switched off until you need it again. The purpose of the Ozofresh PlugIn is to destroy odours not create new ones.
The Ozofresh PlugIn is now available to buy for ₹14,995.00 inc GST.
It has no chemicals, uses a very small amount of electricity and does not need constantly re-filling so it is certainly has a very good claim to being environmentally far friendlier that the alternatives in most cases. I have heard that there are cheaply built alternatives - are they as good? No. To the best of our knowledge every other product on the market does not meet our exacting build standards. Even if other products worked as effectively as the Ozofresh they are unlikely to have been build to British standards or with the highest quality components. Would you plug an electronic device into your wall which has not been fully tested? There is much more information on our website or call us on +91 11-46566558 for an informal chat about how we can help with those persistent unwanted odours . For more information, please email us on
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