Baby wipes and their uses

Baby wipes and their uses

Mamasure baby sanitizing wipes

Nowadays baby wipes are becoming a significant requirement for a family. Baby wipes are wet wipes that are particularly used to clean the skin of the baby. We need to keep them handy to clean the messy fingers, diaper changes, and baby toys. The origin of baby wipes is from the 1950s as people need something to clean their baby’s skin while traveling. The first brand that manufactured baby wipes is a nice-pak. They have made a napkin size wipes first. Then various other brands started to appear in the 1990s. As new brands are entering the market this will result in a boom in this industry. By the time the technology to produce baby wipes becomes more affordable. As a result, new brands start to enter the market.

Why baby wipes are important?

The skin around the baby’s diaper area is exposed to urine and poop and it also has more folds and creases. So, it should be cleaned properly. If it is not cleaned properly then this may result in diaper rash. The effective treatment of diaper rash depends on various things like cleaning this particular area frequently. Using gentle wipes can make this job not only quick but also very easy. 

Here are some important uses

1. Diaper changing- As a parent changing the diaper of a baby is like a herculean task. You can use baby wipes while changing the diaper of your baby. It gives your baby complete protection from germs. Through baby wipes, you can clean the supple skin of your baby more efficiently. You don’t have to go through the tedious cleaning process every time.

2. Face Cleaning-  The skin of a baby is very delicate we can’t use soap on the baby’s skin as soap contains a lot of chemicals that may cause harm to the baby’s supple and sensitive skin. Earlier people used to wash the baby’s face with a wet cotton cloth. But now there is no need to wet the napkin or a cloth to clean the baby’s face, you just have to wipe it.

3. Washing Hands- While going out no need to look for a washroom to clean the hands of the baby. One of the major benefits of baby wipes is that they are easy to carry. So, you can carry it easily if you are going somewhere out.

4. Cleaning baby’s Pacifier- It’s very crucial to clean the baby’s pacifier to maintain the health and hygiene of your baby. Leave this task on baby wipes. Before the introduction of baby wipes people used to clean the pacifier by sterilizing them in boiling water for at least 5 minutes.

5. Clean plastic toys – It is very necessary to clean the baby toys as there are a lot of germs on them. Baby wipes will clean them thoroughly by removing all sorts of dirt and germs and give your baby complete protection. 

Points on which you have to focus before buying baby wipes:

– Completely water-based

– Alcohol and Paraben free

– No harsh chemical is used

– 100% biodegradable

– Toxin-free and Allergen free.

So, as a parent, you just have to focus on the above points. Our product has all the above features in it. The product is clinically tested and very good for the soft skin of a baby. Our product comes from the Mamasure brand. 

Are baby wipes antibacterial?

Baby wipes are used for bathing and diaper changes. They are not antibacterial.  As there are a lot of chemicals used in antibacterial wipes which are very harsh. If used on the baby’s gentle skin then they might cause rashes and fungal infections and also increase the risk of irritation.

But there are some wipes that have chloranol in them. This is a safe chemical and it also has antimicrobial properties.

What’s new in our Baby wipes?

Our Mamasure sanitizing wipes deliver gentle cleaning as it is completely water-based and is considered safe for infants. These wipes are clinically tested and are effective in maintaining healthy-looking skin. Our baby wipe prevents nappy rashes and also contains deionized water + chloranol. This chloranol chemical makes our wipe completely different from other brands. Mamasure is the world’s first brand that has chloranol in it. This is a natural chemical produced by white blood cells in our body to fight against germs. The most amazing thing about our wipe is that you can also use it on food if there is no water available. It kills 99.99% of germs.


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