Phenomenal facts about Hypochlorous Acid

Phenomenal facts about Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) also known as Chloranol is a known chemical that is being used for many years. During the time of the world war when antibiotics were not available, this chemical was widely used by Russians to treat injured soldiers. By hearing about Hypochlorous acid you might think that this is a dangerous one. This is a natural chemical that is produced in the human body by White Blood Cells at the site of infection. This chemical plays a key role in fighting against illness-causing germs. HOCl has the ability to fight dangerous viruses and bacteria including covid-19. It has been tested to remove up to 99% of foul odors. 

Hypochlorous Acid Uses

Killing Germs- You might aware of this that in various hospitals bleach is being used widely to kill bacteria and germs. But this bleach is irritating to the eyes, skin, and lungs. If we compare bleach with HOCl then HOCl is an all-natural and also non-irritating agent that not only fights illness-causing germs but is also considered safe for the skin.

Hand sanitizer with alcohol is used on a daily basis to disinfect various instruments in medical offices. If alcohol hand sanitizer is used frequently then it may result in hand rash which is extremely irritating. This HOCl is used in place of this hand sanitizer as it has no irritating side effects.

Wound care- Good wound care strategies play a key role in wound cleaning. HOCl is a great wound care agent. It can neutralize the chemical burns in minutes. 

Eye care- Hocl can also be used in treating eye disorders. In Fact, it is also used in several eye drops. As HOCl has antimicrobial properties which are good in treating any sort of eye infection.

Veterinary Care- Hocl is used in various pet care clinics because of its virus and bacteria-killing properties. Common problems in animals like allergies, various other infections caused by licking the skin, and other painful infections. This HOCl not only soothes the skin but also reduces pains.

Skin care- Skin care is very important as each and every bacteria first touches the skin and then enters the body. HOCl is also used in various skin care products to heal wounds faster. HOCl is a skin-friendly and non-irritating element. This chemical acts as an extra line of defense for removing all sorts of bacteria from the skin.

Why is this included in Baby wipes?

HOCl (Chloranol) must be included in the baby wipes. As a parent we want our children to be protected from viruses and bacteria. As there is no brand available in the world that has used chloranol in the baby wipes except MamaSure. MamaSure is the only brand available in the world that has used chloranol in its baby wipes. You can also disinfect the baby food and toys with these wipes. There is no rinse required.


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