Ozone, Its Myths, and What You Need To Know About Ozone

Ozone, Its Myths, and What You Need To Know About Ozone


Ozone is the important gas present in our atmosphere that protects us from the harmful solar and UV rays from Sun. Ozone (O3), a molecule of 3 Oxygen (O) atoms, is present near the Earth’s surface and high above it. The difference lies in the concentration of the Ozone in both regions.

The high ground-level Ozone or the Tropospheric Ozone absorbs the infrared radiations from Sun, and thus, it doesn’t let them enter the Earth. Atmospheric Ozone or the Stratospheric Ozone is the gas near the Earth’s surface. It is profoundly important for human life. This ozone absorbs the UV rays and protects the skin and eyes of all living organisms.

1. Benefits Of Ozone

Ozone helps in a lot of things other than just protecting us from the harmful rays of the Sun. According to much research conducted regarding the use of Ozone and its benefits, it is the most effective in treating air and water. Not only this, but it also saves time and cost. Ozone diminishes the need for chemicals as it does not leave any harmful byproducts.

2. Busting the Myths about Ozone

Some people have a misconception about the term Ozone. It is usually confused with ‘Smog’. It hides the good things that the Ozone is doing for us. Without Ozone, none of the living organisms could survive the harmful radiation of the Sun. Thus, it is a prime necessity for all of us. Still, there are many myths regarding the Ozone.

It is crucial to be aware of such myths and the facts. There are various myths, like;

3. Ozone is dangerous for people

It is the most common myth about ozone, and it is true but to an extent. Inhaling high levels of Ozone can be dangerous. WCP, the leading magazine which talks about Purification processes, states that there has never been any fatal news that is linked with exposure to ozone anywhere in the world in 100 years.

4. Ozone is bad for the environment.

Ozone is the only thing that is not letting in the harmful radiations of the Sun. Therefore, it protects all of us. Since there have been a few depletions and holes found in the Ozone, every living organism is at a huge risk. Additionally, there are several effects seen as well all around the globe.

5. Chlorine is a better disinfectant than Ozone.

There is also a misconception that Chlorine is a better disinfectant than Ozone. However, Ozone is actually 50 times more effective than Chlorine in disinfection. Ozone has also proved to kill viruses like SARS, MERS, and even COVID-19.

6. Ozone emitting Air-Purifiers v/s Normal Air-Purifiers

In today’s time, Air-Purifiers have become a great necessity. There is a constant rise seen in the amounts of pollution. But, many companies falsely advertise their Air-Purifiers claims that their purifiers kill all the microbes and the foul smell. But in reality, what happens is that they hide the odour of the air by emitting additional fragrance in the air, making people think that it has killed the foul smell. Moreover, their claims about killing the microbes are also proved to be false, as they don’t kill them. Instead, the air filters trap the air and the microbes along with them.

But, some Air-Purifiers emit Ozone as well. Although this Ozone is a man-made one, it is also proven that it is not harmful and does not have any side effects. Because of this, some international governments have installed Ozone Disinfecting Purifiers in their schools and universities. One such government is of Wales.

One such Ozone emitting Air-Purifier is Ozofresh. It can also eradicate the foul smell of strong cooking, cigarettes and smoke, and even spores that can cause mould. In addition to this, it does not require refills. Thus, it will save you money as well.

With the increase in air purifiers, consumers and corporates must know the pros and cons of the product. With false advertisements, people have to research which product is best suitable for their homes.


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